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A traditional Fastball Special

The Fastball Special was perfected and is most commonly used by Colossus and Wolverine of the X-Men. It involves Colossus hurling his teammate at a foe. The attack allows Wolverine to reach speeds much faster than he ever could on his own, causing him to do much more damage. It also allows him get to areas that he couldn't before, such as extreme heights or distances. In the move, Colossus holds Wolverine in his hands and throws him with as much force as he can muster. Sometimes the throw is like a javelin and other times it looks like a baseball pitch, but the result is the same. The size difference between the two heroes involved makes this move easier than when it is tried with others. Colossus is very big so a small Wolverine fits right in his hand.

Though Colossus and Wolverine are known for the maneuver, it can work with almost any duo physically capable. Usually a being with super strength throws a smaller person for a direct assault, or a flying hero uses the momentum to throw another person. Most times when it is done without both Colossus and Wolverine, Colossus is the one missing.

While the maneuver was first dubbed the 'fastball special' by the X-Men, it's worth noting that Wolverine and Colossus were not the first to use the tactic. Currently, the earliest known appearance of this coordinated attack was in the December 1964 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, where Ox throws Fancy Dan at Spider-Man who is perched out of striking distance on the ceiling.

Some variations of the attack include:

The Fastball Special has even made its way to video games. In X-men Legends and X-men Legends II: The Rise of Apocalypse, as well as Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, any playable character with super strength is able to pick up Wolverine and throw him towards an opponent.

Wolverine to She-Hulk: "First rule about 'Fastball Special', you don't talk about 'Fastball Special'"

Fastball Maneuver done by Other Publishers


In a chapter of Bleach, characters Rukia Kuchiki and Yasutora Sado performed a Fastball Special to defeat a Hollow.

Image Comics used the Fastball Special in Strykeforce: Black Anvil throwing Killrazor

Funk-O-Tron used the Fastball Special for Kirkman's Battle Pope: Mark throws Battle Pope at the Zombie Twins.

Dom using Tronk in a Fastball Special on Krypto and Streaky

In an issue of Krypto the Superdog, Krypto ad Streaky had to fight 3 dogs of Zod. One of which was Dom, who wanted to throw something at Krypto and his partner, Tronk, was the closest thing to him.

In the series Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Vincent Velcro hurls Warren Griffith at an enemy from mid-flight. The two call this a "Furball Special."

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