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Fard was created by Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples. Fard's first appearance was in Image Comics' Saga #7.

Current Events

After Marko's mother Klara banished Hazel's babysitter Izabel, Marko and Klara teleport to the planetoid, where they suspect Izabel but before they can find her, they make contact with Fard - a naked giant and triclops with ill-proportioned genitals. Fard looks so ugly that, when he first attacks Marko and Klara, Marko covers his mother eyes and tells her she doesn't really want to see but she responses it's got nothing she hasn't seen before. Klara wants to strike back but Marko can convince her to hit Fard with binding spell.

After the two bring Fard down, Marko tries to ask him about Izabel. Fard whispers he saw the little phantom wandering around Shadow City but they would never get there before the birth. Marko asks birth of what? Fard answers "of what is under your feet". Klara asks if he's saying there's something inside the planet? Fard is surprised and says this isn't a planet but an egg and the egg is almost ready to hatch.

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