extent of his healing factor

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Fantomex mentioned having a healing factor in Fear Itself : Uncanny X-Force #2 and I've seen him survive stab wounds and that sort of thing, but I wondered what is the worst injury he can/has survived/healed from. If you've read Uncanny X-Force #22 he seems to be injured pretty horribly (though, who knows with all the misdirection gotcha moments). I wondered if he could regenerate from that sort of thing.

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It might be the kind if wound that will heal when he puts the lost part back in its place.

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To me it seems like he can take a lot of pain because I think he is more machine then human? and has a heal factor that might be equal to someone like Bullseye?

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@InnerVenom123: Yeah, that's what it looked like in the last issue. I was just glad it wasn't another fake out. That was starting to get on my nerves.

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@The_Peter_Cosmic: what are his powers anyaway??

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@Z3RO180: His powers are kind of complicated, mainly he has misdirection powers and his main central nervous system is separate from him (EVA) and he can use is as a ship. His page has his powers explained in further detail. It was an off hand comment in Uncanny X-Force Fear Itself where he mentioned having a healing factor, plus he's been shown to heal from things that would kill a normal person. His healing factor is apparently minor compared to Wolverine and Deadpool, though.

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@0blivion_: He is supposed to be able to perform a form of auto-hypnosis on himself to shut out pain or perform surgery on himself or whatever, but he was recently thanking Psylocke for blocking out the pain for him so I don't know if that is a consistent power or not.

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