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Fantax, a seemingly sinister street tough hiding his face behind a mask to make the committing of crimes easier, is really crime fighting British diplomat Lord Horace Neighbour assigned to the United States.  

Lord Horace, wishing to fight crime, takes on the disguise of Fantax so he can move among criminals and take them down one on one.  

He is assisted in this by Barbara his fiancée and later wife who eventually takes to wearing a costume as well; Murph, his butler; P'tit Louis, a muscular assistant; and in time his children, Barbara and Horace Junior who both become masked crime fighters when adults called Blackboy and Barbara Tiger.  

Fantax has no superpowers, but is a good hand to hand combatant, an expert with the knife, skilled detective and an expert proponent in the use of torture which he used regularly against opponents.        

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