who should be in the goverments fantastic four

#1 Posted by Zenma (5001 posts) - - Show Bio

bush will be funny

#2 Posted by Zenma (5001 posts) - - Show Bio

lincoln would be very great actually

#3 Posted by NEW VENOM (1148 posts) - - Show Bio

Bush?Obama?Clinton?Lincoln?washington?...or mabey...Elton John

#4 Posted by NEW VENOM (1148 posts) - - Show Bio

I think any one who will truely protect our country like the fantastic four do would be fine

#5 Posted by cpt_linger (2971 posts) - - Show Bio

i think lincoln's brain would shatter under the modern stress of todays society. cars driving around, people talking to each other from great distances, not to mention the internet, i dont think he could handle it in todays world. i think he would just see a dream shattered as it is quite clear... we are all... slaves...

#6 Posted by NEW VENOM (1148 posts) - - Show Bio

Id pic Lincoln i'm not sure

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