Who am I missing?

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Ok I know this is not the Silver Surfer thread but I am gonna ask this question anyway!

Golactus and his herald there was Silver Surfer, Nova, Fire Lord, Morge, and one more now who was it?

This questions been buggin me for days now!


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Aunt May was once. Maybe he got it through marriage?

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Rofl, I don't know if Uncle Ben was a Herald of Galactus.

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dead hunter says:


Welcome to the vine

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I'll write out the list from what I remember.

Silver Surfer, Terrax, Red Shift, Stardust, Air Walker, Golden Oldie, Firelord, The Fallen One. Those are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

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Not to mention Kryptonian

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-000 says:

"Rofl, I don't know if Uncle Ben was a Herald of Galactus."

yep and peter was galactus

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