"The Avengers" is what "Fantastic Four" should have been...

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I'm a little tired, but here it goes: The "Fantastic Four" should (or could) have been the quirky, cheesy, one-liner laden blockbuster of the summer in the vein of "The Avengers", detached from compressed storylines, unimaginative plotting, and poorly-researched characterization.


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What akes you say that?

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: The initial run on the Fantastic Four was just cut from the same cloth as "The Avengers": farfetched, yet unquestionable stories featuring humorous quibbling, rare moments of dark introspection, super-science wizardry, mind-expanding locales, and ACTION. The Fantastic Four films never took Marvel's First Family anywhere outside of New York after their accident, devoting more time to cutesy in-fighting than realizing fully-formed plots and characters (especially the villains).

Doctor Doom arguably possesses the most compelling origin and motive in comic book history, but the responsible studio decided to cast him as an unimposing, grandeur-less industrialist. No Latveria, no Doombots, no techno-magicks, just electricity and a muffled accent.

Silver Surfer had the right actors in his corner (Doug Jones in full silver body paint; Laurence Fishburne behind a vocal booth), but the idea of the board as his power source, in my opinion, weakened "Doom acquiring the Power Cosmic".

Also, Ioan Gruffard portrayed Mr. Fantastic as this stereotypically weak, timid scientist; that always bothered me.

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Movies like the X-Men were the original comic to film blockbusters that were positively accepted by non comic fans.......the formula was popular and sustained throughout most comic films, as comic films tried to be more plausible and realistic
For the Fantastic Four....this does not work, they should have went with a more goofy, campy presentation similar to what Spider-Man did...without question what the Avengers did
So I agree...

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I wouldn't say that.

The Incredibles is what the Fantastic Four should've been.

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Ah... Maybe FF will get the justice it deserves. And that includes Silver Surfer.

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@VampireSelektor said:

Doctor Doom arguably possesses the most compelling origin and motive in comic book history,

This I have to call out. What's the big whoop about Doom's origin? He's butthurt cause his science project blew up in his face... boohoo. Get over it. You've built time machines, you really can't fix up your own face?

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@Gambit1024 said:

The Incredibles is what the Fantastic Four should've been.



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