So when do you think FF 2099 fits into regular FF continuity?

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So i recently picked up a copy of Fantastic Four 2099 from the 50 cent bin at my local comic store and I got to thinking: Assuming that the people in 2099 were the real Fantastic Four and not imposters or clones or some such nonsense, when does their sojourn into the future take place during continuity?  I am totally open to the idea of an Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix scenario where they spend a crazy amount of time in the future but when they get back no time passed but when did that take place?

NOTE: There is no right answer here, I'm just curious as to what people think...

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is 2099 even canon?

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Technically I think its an potential alternate future like Days of Future Past.  A potential future that COULD happen but not guaranteed.  But I mean pretend that's the definite future and suspend all other disbelief...based on their knowledge and power skills, when did that FF come from?

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i understand your thinking ( Doom 2099, Punisher 2099, and Spider-Man 2099 all showed up in the present 616 timeline and interacted conically as well Spider-Man in Exiles and Peters daughter In Alex Ross's works. The problem really begins however when we get to Timestorm, in which the 2099 future deviation was actually erased and replaced by the 2099-2099 time stream instead. In other words as it stands the 2099 reality never even existed, so did any of the cross-overs (Exiles and Earth X could be exceptions since Miguel and May were pulled from their respective realities)...
In other words, best of luck figuring that mess out, lmao.

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2099 = alternate universe. Nothing more.

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@JediXMan said:

" 2099 = alternate universe. Nothing more. "

have to disagree with this given characters from it were in 616. its like trying to claim Age Of Apocalypse is non-effect, while yet Sugar Man and Dark Beast were present in 616
since it's hayday and influenced some of it's most notable events and of course Holocaust and X-Man are present and accounted for as well. Several other alternate realities
are attributed to this as well. The alternate reality doesn't count statement has major loopholes, in both Marvel and DC especially. The  Omniverses stand as canon, rather
than the most currently read, in other words. 
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Sugar Man and Dark Beast came from Age of Apocalypse, as did X-Man and Holocaust. The Apocalypse of AoA and the Apocalypse of 616 are different. Really, X-Man is an alternate version of Cable.
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@JediXMan said:

" @CATPANEXE: Sugar Man and Dark Beast came from Age of Apocalypse, as did X-Man and Holocaust. The Apocalypse of AoA and the Apocalypse of 616 are different. Really, X-Man is an alternate version of Cable. "

correct. what is the point your making? (Cable isn't 616 either for that matter actually)
( Earth-4935, had to go dial a reality)
*edit for contention later
point is that characters from other realities and time streams do interact with " main " ones, 616 in Marvels case,
which is to say it's more like a tree, with all branches attached to the root, then separated,
and to bring things on topic, the characters of 2099 have in fact and that's what the OP is referring to here.
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wait hold up...let me try to clarify my question (although i love the debate anyway and keep it up)...

Pretend that 2099 is real...its the only possible future...and that at some point the 616 Fantastic Four really traveled there and back...

At what point in their history do you think that happened?

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My point is that it's still an alternate universe. I don't see AoA or 2099 as tying into 616. They're similar, but different. Doesn't mean 616 can or will become those realities.
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@JediXMan: i know what you believe, but you failed to provide evidence of this, lest rebuke anything on the table, much less to try. if AoA or 2099 did not occur, and do not tie into 616, then why are theyre not only characters from both respective alternate time streams in 616, and have influenced the events of 616 and continue to do so? i would go into specifics but i think your not admitting you havent read the issues, and are just "aware" of said alternate realities (particularly in having read Doom 2099, Fantastic 4 2099 and Timestorm which are in question here) , no malice intended mind you, i hold in high regard. your statement about becoming for example, AoA was not an alternate future, it was an alternate present, which 616 did in fact become, and had done so since the get go as indicated by the presence of Dark Beast and Sugar Man in 616 20 plus years ago, Sugar Man creating and controlling Genosha up until that present, and Dark Beast meeting Emma Frost at an early age, an issue resolved between the two later, Dark Beast creating the Morlock's, resulting in Sinister killing them in the Mutant Massacre, and Onslaught gleaming the Age Of Apocalypse from Dark Beats and Bishops minds and attempting to model it's own actions after that world (all in 616 this happens), not to mention every issue of X-Man after #4
takes place in 616, and in the Annual Sugar Man and Nate are shown traveling back and forth through a portal to and from the Age Of Apocalypse and 616? I could press this much further, like by bringing up Heroes Reborn, a universe which Cable, Franklin Richards, and Onslaught all visited and returned from, Rikki Barnes came from, and was shown the entrance from 616 was in the Negative Zone, ect (again more complex as Cable himself is from an alternate time line, yet has impacted 616, much like Bishop was from the Days Of Futures Past alternate future, one which has been visited by several 616 members, Cable, Dr.Doom ect). So where don't they tie into 616. As for where 2099 does, i listed that above, and the issues in case you hadn't read them and needed to,
especially where Doom 2099 travels back into 616, and even confronts himself as does Spider-man 2099.

keeping that in mind, the question being posed is when, as in at what point in 616 did the Fantastic 4 journey fore ward onto one alternate future branch and when did they return.
my answer to this is i would presume in tangent with issues put out at the exact time (our time chronologically speaking, 1996 so somewhere between issue 415 and Onslaught speaking of)
and that the duration they were missing was close to none. but the more theoretical question is since the events of Timestorm erased most of 2099 almost causing an omniversal temporal collapse, if not for  Dr.Dooms intervention, did they now ever even travel to 2099, since it was erased and overwritten from time and space?
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I like your Cyclops and Phoenix theory. Makes lots of sence. But then again was Slim and Red older when they came back to their regular time?

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@Nicodemus:They flat out told us how it happened...Scott and Jean were returned to their regular bodies only a few hours or days later but their minds really did experience the entire 12 years they they were away...

So I would except this explanation about FF 2099 but when did it happen? Even as an alternate timeline, it had to diverge at some the entire questions it, when during the Fantastic Four timeline did it diverge and they were sent to the future? Did that point pass already or is it still to happen?

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Same time as the whole Heroes Reborn story line, they got split on the way and sent to two different realities/time lines. This also explains the new uniforms they wore in 2099 :)  Came back same time and re-converged.

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Ugh I hated Marvel 2099. I only have a Spider-man , Hulk, Punisher and a Ravage 2099 but I did some reading up on the other titles and I just can't understand what Marvel was thinking. Some of them would have made great 616 characters but they wasted them on this 2099 nonsense . As far as your question , my guess is whatever made or will make that reality become the 616 future is yet to be seen . Like you said it's just not really a question with a answer although I guess we could say with all the new versions of Hulk going around that you could imagine the mutant Hulk of 2099 being a result of what's been going on lately .

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