Should Sue and Reed separate again or even divorce?

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Many say that Reed and Sue would be better off without each other. I doubt that Marvel will ever do such a thing, but then anything is possible. Namor might be a better husband than Reed and some say that Sue should fall in love with Peter Parker. Who might be good for Reed? Any thoughts here?

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This should have been placed on the Marvel board. Please move it there administrators.

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i'll flag your post just to get a mods attention faster so they can move it for you : )

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YESYESYESYESYESYESYES~! This would be a fantastic idea.
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No I don't think they should divorce. Not now. Not ever.

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@PowerHerc said:

No I don't think they should divorce. Not now. Not ever.

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i like Reed, i really do..but sometimes he can be a neglectful husband, this may be my Storm bias talking (that's Sue Storm btw) but i think Sue can do better than him

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
@PowerHerc said:

No I don't think they should divorce. Not now. Not ever.

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They've always seemed like a perfectly good couple to me. Reed can be a bit of a tool, but he's proven himself to be a loving husband and father (if a bit neglectful, though there is that whole "saving the world on a regular basis thing" to consider).

Along with Cyclops and Emma Frost or Black Bolt and Medusa, Reed and Sue are a premier Marvel couple and I see no reason for them to split. Also, no proud and self-respecting woman belongs with the arrogant fishstick that is Namor.

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