Should D next Fantastic Four film feature Storm & Black Panther?

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I really love the issue The New Fantastic Four #544-#550. Fact is, that is the only Fantastic Four issue that i have from Fantastic Four. And I love how the story went and how they saved the Universe. Wouldn't it be awesome to see Storm and Black Panther in the next Fantastic Four film? For me it would because the more comic characters showing up in a live action movie, the better.

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I don't see why they would. When it comes to the Fantastic Four mythos, they are minor players.

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No It's a reboot so it should focus mainly on the Fantastic Four. Maybe a cameo where they are at  a party and they see BP in civilian cloths but that's it. They couldn't use Storm because the don't have the rights but then again I'm not sure who has the rights to FF. Either way I'm not feeling it.

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God no.

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Despite being good and a major FF story.


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I think Namor would be more likely.

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No. Absolutely not.

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Like they would even use them.

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Coming soon from FOX...

the Fantastic Four!

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no. he should appear in the avengers film.

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No. Maybe a guest appearence from BP in the marvel cinematic universe but that's it.

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No. Storm was only ever there because of Black Panther. Otherwise she has no connection to the Fantastic Four and still shouldn't be involved with them.

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@Gambit1024 said:

No. Absolutely not.

@knighthood said:

I think Namor would be more likely.

Maybe if Strom will die and never come back......

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@BlueLantern1995 said:

Black Panther is in the cinematic universe and Storm is under Fox...story while cool wouldn't be good anyway on the Big Screen. What really makes me sad is that Black Panther and Storm can't be a couple in the cinematic Universe.

Hmmm... I'm kinda fine with that cos I want Storm and Wolverine. hehehe : )

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How about they just make a Black Panther movie where he meets Storm and then he marries her in the sequel? What am I saying, they don't even want to make a Black Panther movie. I say let them be in an F4 movie.That would be better than them trying to find a white character that fits in their mythos and turning them black like they did Alicia Masters.Although, Kerry Washington is Mmm....GOOD!

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