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Alright kiddos. As you see the flick jump in here to post your thoughts.

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Very good. I thought it was a little better than the first and stuff. But they made Galactus a cloud!!!!!! I thought the cloud Idea was cool n stuff, but they should've made the cloud into a humanoid shape, u know?

other than that it was a really good movie.

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I was sooooooooo cheesed off when I saw the cloud. It still winds me up hours later. They should have dropped the whole Doom stealing Surfer's powers and given space to a proper show down with Galactus. That was anticlimatic if you like. Galactus is waaaaaay more powerful than SS. If that was a possibility, why did he not do that before? It gave no real impression that Galactus was really sentient either. I liked the rest of the movie, but that ruined it like Superman's illigitimate child ruined his movie. A message to any Hollywood types who may read this. I know you need some poetic license when you bring a comic book character to the silver screen, but please, for the love of God, Leave the core stuff alone!
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#4 Posted by Captain Cascader (1232 posts) - - Show Bio

Horrid, horrid movie.

  1. The cloud is plain silly

  2. Doom was lame again. I was hoping he wouldn't be in this one. His "death" this time was even worse. It's like a cartoon ending. Will he be back? Find out next episode.

  3. The dodge commercial is unforgivable.

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you have some good points there cap, but it was a perfect movie to take my girl.

#6 Posted by Octagon Freak (11158 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved this movie and I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

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I am soo pissed off they didn't show galactus....

#8 Posted by Cosmic Sentinel (3749 posts) - - Show Bio

Also, Galactus is supposed to be way more powerful than the Silver Surfer. If that was an option, why had he never tried before?

#9 Posted by Octagon Freak (11158 posts) - - Show Bio

Well who else was suppost to defeat him? Doom run up there and throw a lightning bolt at him?

#10 Posted by Captain Cascader (1232 posts) - - Show Bio

I did really like the look of the surfer when he lost his board. That was pretty bad ass actually.

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I liked galactus in the movie. I mean it seemed a lot more realistic than a giant guy wearing a weird pink helmet.

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Yeah, the normals wouldn't have gotten the whole big blue guy in a purple hat. 'Sides, did anyone see that when he passed Saturn, you could see his shadow, and it looked like his helmut.

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Cosmic Sentinel says:

"Also, Galactus is supposed to be way more powerful than the Silver Surfer. If that was an option, why had he never tried before?"

i'm pretty sure that sufer is more powerful than galactus in the comics to mang.

#14 Posted by Cosmic Sentinel (3749 posts) - - Show Bio

Lil Lucky says:

"FF2 aint come out in England yet...... BUT WHY THE HELL DONT THEY SHOW GALACTUS?"

Yes it has, I watched it at my local cinema last Friday.

I think they could have made the real Galactus work. The 'normals' are already watching a movie about the Fantastic Four and their shiny friend. A big guy in purple is not a big thing. They could have done some really cool stuff with his ship... and have Reed and the Surfer come up with a plan together to use the ship against him. That would have been closer to the original and still a great story keeping the FF4 in the middle of it.

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I hated the first one to death. I thought Alba was awful in her role and pretty much nothing worked for me. Of course, this meant that I spent the ten bucks to see the second one. Because I'm a Marvel idiot like that.

And I actually liked it, I thought Alba was much better this time around and though the Silver Surfer lacked an extra bit of oomph he was damned sexy and they got the whole serious-alien thing right. And the portrayal of Galactus was awesome, I don't think the original would have gone over so well with today's crowd. Besides, they already had a few major showdowns throughout the whole movie, another one might have dragged on a little longer. And SS was the focus of the movie, not Galactus.

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I liked what they did with the Surfer. I think they should have dropped Doom altogether, or at least put him in the background and set him up for the third movie(alot like Harry in the Spidey films). People say that the comic book Galactus wouldn't have worked, but as I said before, there are already a number of fantastical elements in the film (including the cloud) so I don't think it would have been that big a deal. I think it would have been an awesome last act myself. Check out Silver Surfer taking on Galactus in Marvels #3 and imagine it in full Hollywood Big Screen Style if you don't believe me.

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Just saw it. Not bad. I didn't mind it. I was entertained. Galactus/cloud? Yeah that sucked. Maaaaaaaaybe the cloud is supposed to be his ship. I'll just pretend that. That could work better than this:

Guess they fooled us with the one part by Jupiter.

It had it's amusing parts. I went in with low standards so it was better than I thought. Alba did a better job as Sue in this one. I'm not gonna tear it to shreds like others may. I've been reading FF for a looooong time and I could accept this. It was ambitious to try to do Galactus and the Surfer. Oh well. Doom on the surfboard was silly but it fit with him trying to steal the power cosmic.

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Now i have not seen the movie yet ...prob wont for alittle while until i get some free time . anyway what i was going to say is that i think what they may have done with galactus was what i have read on the char before to where people see him how their mind can process it . usually its in a form close to how that race of the planet looks but i guess they took some creative license with that idea . Well at least thats how i am going to think about it when i go see it LOL

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I looked foward to Galactus' appearance but I was really disappointed with it, I guess that was the only thing about the movie that bothered me, apart from that, everything was fine.
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Side Note: The red area within the cloud also seemed to be the shape of Galactus' helm.

I liked the movies as a whole, all the product placements were a bit ridulous, but I would have rather had Alicia play her role from the original story as the one who reminds Surfer of his humanity instead of Susan reminding Surfer of his lost love.

All in all, it was better than the first, and possibly a more realistic story than the original as far as Surfer's role in Galactus' defeat rather than Mr. Fantastic's.

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has any one else noticesd that no matter how small the role stan lee is in every movie.

#22 Posted by zero edge (3696 posts) - - Show Bio

only if stan lee created it

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I saw the movie just now. I thought it was ok. I would've liked to see it stay more faithful to the comic, and all. I thought the cloud was stupid, Galactus should be more humanoid. Also, I was upset that The Watcher and The Inhumans were left out. That made me upset. If those things had been left in, along with the nixing of some stupid dialogue, it would've been a wonderful movie. I lol'ed when Brian Posehn made the appearance. I couldn't stop remembering him as the "Metal By Numbers" guy. Also, Stan Lee's cameo was another funny part. "Whaaa? Of course I'm on the list. I'M STAN LEE!""Uhhhh... nope, you're not."

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I thought it was pretty good. Yeah galactus sucked...but there are a lot of restrictions in putting a huge character with so much depth into a movie. At least they did not throw in extraneous people like Spiderman 3.

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I liked it.

Galactus was cool.

It was so funy.

sTANS thE Man.

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It was better than I thought it would be, and I had decent expectations.

I was a bit... unsure about the treatment of Galactus, but it was technically not wrong, so I accepted it.

Dr. Doom's involvement was great, and a v. nice MDK by him picked up the pace.

It wasn't horrible like everyone is saying. It's lighthearted, fun, exciting, and not the kind of movie that should be stuck under a microscope.

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i really did enjoy the movie




And did anyone else think doom went out rather easily

I did like the end with Johnny and all of the powers combined

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that was cool, a little messed up though.

#29 Posted by Cryo-Wolf (12662 posts) - - Show Bio

Boken says:

"that was cool, a little messed up though."

You think everything is messed up, shut up.

#30 Posted by Boken (7757 posts) - - Show Bio

not possible, if you know me you'd know i never shut up.

#31 Posted by Cryo-Wolf (12662 posts) - - Show Bio

You can't blame me for trying. God knows we all want you to.

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