Hickman's run in order

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Hey everyone !  I'm currently catching up on Hickman's Fantastic Four. I've read the first 4 volumes, but after that I'm a little bit lost concerning the order of the books coming after. I know I need to read FF vol. 1 and then 2, but when do I read Fantastic Four vol. 5 ? Or finish the FF run? Anyways, I want to know two specific things: 
1- Could someone give me the order of his complete run?
2- Could someone tell me how to read the Forever story arc (by single issue).
Please and thank you in advance!

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Fantastic Four Vol #1-4

FF Vol #1-2

Then comes Forever and the rest of FF through the end of Hickman's run

Fantastic Four and FF came out monthly after this, so it's a continuing story in two books. If you alternate starting with Fantastic Four #600 and FF #12, you should catch up all through the end of Hickman's arc. If I remember correctly, Fantastic Four came out before FF during the month, so alternate between Fantastic Four and FF.


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