FvA or FvX

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I was thinking if the Fantastic Four got into a fight with X-Men or the Avengers what would would it be over. I know it would be a stomp but imagine for whatever reason it wasn't. Maybe I dunno anyone who was a FF member sides with them. 
What to do with Galactus coming for whatever reason? 
Celestials coming to Earth because of Franklin for whatever reason? 
Ben Grimm took all the beer from Avengers mansion and took it home with him?
Something to do with Franklin Richardson? 
Maybe Franklin's best friends? 
Ben Grimm accused Logan of cheating at poker and took his last beer? 
Who would they most likely be in the fight? What team would they most likely face and why would they fight? 
Please keep your AvX bias and no discussions on who is right/wrong in AvX.

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@Dernman said:

Ben Grimm took all the beer from Avengers mansion and took it home with him?

Wolverine would flip his sh!t.

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FvX so that's FF versus Storm, Cyclops, Wolverine and Colossus

FvA is fine if it's FF versus Storm, Wolverine, Spider-man and Captain America.

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X-Side of things maybe it could be about Kitty Pryde being intangible, and then the X-Men go to get Reed Richard's help, but a crisis of confidence means he can't help, but then Dr Doom decides to help them instead. So the X-Men reluctantly decide to get help from Dr Doom instead. Thing can one shot Wolverine, Rogue can absorb Thing's powers, Human Torch will burn Storm and... I'll just go sit in the corner... =p 
I always though Franklin was overrated. Generally but especially on CV. Not all universes are created equal, so would be great to maybe have a conflict where maybe Franklin's reality warping powers are put up against say Legions. Throw in She Hulk with the Fantastic Four, and naturally include rest of Future Foundation. Would be funny for me at least seeing some X-Students (from Jean Grey school) interacting with Bentley, Val, Dragon Man etc etc)          

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@Raiiyn: I know right? The runt is serious about his beer.
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If Franklin is involved , he would annihilate all opposition with ease .

If not , then these will become decent fights .

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