fantastic four noir

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a good noir story would be
a goverment group are brought together a contortionist top scientest known as Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) an expert spy know as the  invisible woman (Susan "Sue" Storm)  her brother an expert pyrotechnic and race driver known as the human torch (Johnny Storm) and a an exspert strong man who was  physically  scarred in an experement who is known as the thing (Ben Grimm) the group is known as the fantastic four who are orderd to infiltrate Latveria and apprehend its dictator Victor von Doom who was responibal for an attack on president roosevelt

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pretty interesting but where do thier powers come into play? like spiderman noir still gots his spider powers and wolverine still gots his where are theirs

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no they dont need them like the xmen noir
 Mr. Fantastic is a contortionist witch means he can bend his shape
 invisible woman is a spy
 human torch  is in explosives
and the thing  is a  scarred strong man

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pretty good

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What does it have to do with MZ?

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posted in the wrong place

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Responibal LOL
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@deveros:  pyrokinetic means you do fir with youre mind you mean Pyro Maniac thats obsession with fire and explosives
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@TheCheeseStabber:  And a pyrotechnic is and explosives/fire/special effect expert technician. No one said anything about a pyromaniac or pyrokinetic. 

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