Fantastic Four Counterparts From Around The Media Universe!

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Hey, the X-Men aren't the only Marvel team with counterparts! I think the Fantastic Four also has them!  
How so, you ask?  
For the Fantastic Four themselves...  
Mister Fantastic's Counterparts: Plastic Man(DC Comics),  Simba(The Lion King), Elastigirl(The Incredibles-I know she's a woman, but she's got the powers of Mister Fantastic, so she qualifies), Shifu(Kung Fu Panda), Optimus Primal(Beast Wars), Leonardo(TMNT), Ripster(Street Sharks)and Keith(Voltron/Golion).
Invisible Woman's Counterparts: Ice(DC Comics), Violet Parr(The Incredibles), Sarah Bryant(Virtua Fighter), Marge Simpson(The Simpsons), Airazor(Beast Wars), Nala(The Lion King), Hermione Granger(Harry Potter), Colleen(Road Rovers), Viper(Kung Fu Panda), Wonder Woman(DC Comics), Holly(Monster Rancher Anime), Sonya Blade(Mortal Kombat) Ellie(Ice Age)and Allura(Voltron/Golion).    
Human Torch's Counterparts: Cheetor(Beast Wars), Dash(The Incredibles), Bart Simpson(The Simpsons), Lance(Voltron/Golion), Fred Weasley(Harry Potter), Diego(Ice Age), Hwoarang(Tekken), Ken Masters(Street Fighter), Johnny Cage(Mortal Kombat), Streex(Street Sharks), Bullzeye(Extreme Dinosaurs), Monkey(Kung Fu Panda), Jacky Bryant(Virtua Fighter)and Cody Impossible(Venture Bros).  
Thing's Counterparts: Rhinox(Beast Wars), Jack(Tekken), Mr. Incredible(The Incredibles), T. Hawk(Street Fighter), Jax(Mortal Kombat), Rubeus Hagrid(Harry Potter), Big Blue(Monster Rancher Anime), MetalGreymon(Digimon), Hunk(Voltron/Golion), Manny(Ice Age), Big Slammu(Street Sharks), Hard Rock(Extreme Dinosaurs), Exile(Road Rovers),  Po(Kung Fu Panda), Rocky Balboa(Rocky Series)and Hercules(Disney's Hercules).
And for the Fantastic Four's villains(at least some of them, anyway)... 
Dr. Doom's Counterparts: Megatron(Beast Wars), Brainiac(DC Comics), Syndrome(The Incredibles), Voldemort(Harry Potter), Sauron(The Lord Of The Rings), Darth Vader(Star Wars), Zarkon(Voltron/Golion), Shao Kahn(Mortal Kombat), M. Bison(Street Fighter), Scar(The Lion King), Shredder(TMNT), Dr. Piranoid(Street Sharks)and Lord Shen(Kung Fu Panda)
Galactus's Counterparts: Unicron(Transformers), Anti-Monitor(DC Comics), Shinnok(Mortal Kombat)and Krang(TMNT).  
So, do you like these comparisons and connections? Anything you would change? Please present your opinions on these otherworldly equivalents of Marvel's first family and their rogues gallery, Fantastic Four fans!
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interesting? about 

Mr.Fantastic = bubble gum
Human Torch = cinnamon
Invisible Woman = water
Thing = tater tots
Dr. Doom = garlic

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