Fantastic Four #39 (Review)

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Daredevil Guest Stars in the Fantastic Four

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The last issue of Fantastic Four was really good; the last issue of Daredevil was awesome - so a Daredevil / Fantastic Four team-up against Dr. Doom should be superb, right?

Well, not so fast. While the de-powered Fantastic Four is a fan favorite, it's not without some problems. Yeah, it's great to see Daredevil leading the FF, and the concept of Doctor Doom taking over the Baxter Building and using the FF's own weapons against them is also a cool idea, on a certain level it really doesn't seem to matter if Doom uses his own crazy uber-powerful death machines against the Four, or if he uses Reed's own crazy uber-powerful death machines against them - either way, it's still a little too much crazy pseudo-science.

On the plus side, for the first time we have an inker, Frank Ray, working over Jack Kirby's pencils, and while that means the book looks less distinctively Kirby-ish, it also makes it look more refined.

This is a decent-to-good issue with another cliffhanger ending, but still doesn't seem to quite achieve all it was going for.

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