Casting Call: Fantastic Four Reborn

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*I originally wrote this on Screened like all my others.

Marvel has never really had much success with the Fantastic Four outside of the comics. They've had a few animated series over the years and three films; two of which were pretty awful and one of which I really still love. The Fantastic Four are a bit different from The Avengers and the X-Men because they're a family and that's pretty much a central theme of their comics (or at least that's what I get from them).

The Fantastic Four were created in 1963 by Stan Lee because DC was having so much success with their Justice League of America comic. Flash forward several years later and you have the Fantastic Four appearing in animation on TV in a series called Fantastic 4. Then flash forward to the 70's and they have yet another animated show, then again in the 90's, and in the 2000's the Fantastic Four's popularity has gone up due to 2005's big budget adaptation Fantastic Four and its' sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer. Both films were pretty successful but widely hated among fans and film critics. Then their popularity surged again when in April 2011, The Death of Johnny Storm happened and a media circus ensued even though comic book deaths never last and Marvel indicated his wouldn't last. So the Fantastic Four disbanded and became the Future Foundation with Spider-Man and Doctor Doom on the team instead.


I would love to say Brad Bird but he's already made his own version of the Fantastic Four called The Incredibles and I want him to make a movie based on The Flash so instead I go with director Bryan Singer. You may say why Bryan Singer? I say well because I fell Singer could bring so much to The Fantastic Four and for once maybe make them the slightest bit interesting.

If were to bring more politics and science into the story like he did with the X-Men, I have no doubt that the Fantastic Four movie could be good. What I exactly mean by politics is like what he did in X-2 but with the Fantastic Four also having to deal with a resentment towards metahumans or superheroes.

20th Century Fox though is looking at Director Josh Trank as they've apparently been really impressed with his film Chronicle. For some reason ComicVine decides that's news 18 days after that news came out.

The Cast

Mr. Fantastic
For Reed Richards, I think there is no better choice for the role than Don Draper himself Jon Hamm. I'd love to see Jon Hamm play Superman but that will never happen and I think he'd be a pretty darn good Doctor Strange as well but there are other actors that are good for the role. So the only other comic book character he could play and has a very good chance at playing is Reed Richards. If not Jon Hamm then the only other choice I have is Adrien Brody.

Like Doctor Strange, Reed Richards isn't a young guy and shouldn't be played by anyone under 35. Unlike DC who seems to have problems with casting middle aged actors as superheroes, Marvel has plenty of heroes that are played by actors in their 40's. They've got Tony Stark (RDJ), War Machine (Don Cheadle), Bruce Banner, Nick Fury, and whoever plays Doctor Strange.
After recently rewatching TRON: Legacy, I came to the conclusion that Johnny Storm could be played by Garrett Hedlund. Hedlund is on mine and many comic book fans' radars for the role of Zoom for well...I don't know why, he just seems like he could play him.
When looking up fan casts for the Fantastic Four reboot to try and get an idea of who I'd like to play The Thing, I stumbled upon an actor whom I never would have thought in a million years could play him. I'm talking about Vin Diesel. I don't know if he's open to doing motion capture work because it would be a lot easier than creating The Thing the fashioned way. If he doesn't want to do motion capture stuff, then I suggest Andy Serkis be asked, because if there's anyone who could play The Thing via motion capture, it'd be him.
Sue Storm
It's difficult to explain why but I think Summer Glau should play Sue Storm. I particularly remember her from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and everyone else on that show was completely forgettable
I seem to be the only one who wants a European actor to play Doctor Doom for some reason. I don't understand why nobody has though of the actor I have but that could be for any number of reasons. I'm actually talking about Mads Mikkelsen of Casino Royale fame. If you want to see another movie that really showcases Mads Mikkelsen's talent, I suggest 2008's Flame & Citron.
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I actually really like your list, i don"t know about Summer though, I like her, But just doesn't scream Sue Storm to me. I'd go with Elisabeth Rohm, played In a couple seasons of Angel, Heroes , and Law and Order

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My cast would consist of

Edward Norton or Zachary Quinto as Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, Norton might not want to deal with Marvel anytime soon even though his portrayal of Bruce Banner was spot on and Reed Richards is just as much a brainiac as Banner, Quinto would also be a great choice because of his past roles and the fact that I think he could play the clueless, inattentive, genius that is Reed Richards.

Ryan Gosling as The Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Gosling defiantly has the look of Johnny Storm, he can defiantly lay on the boyish charm and Drive shows he can emote rather well.

Yvonne Strahovski as The Invisible Woman/Susan Storm, first off she is hot, secondly she already has a fan base generated by the show Chuck and her voice acting in Mass Effect 2.

Bruce Willis as The Thing/Ben Grimm, because he has that gruff sarcastic humor that The Thing has always played off of Johnny idiocy.

Jon Hamm as Doctor Doom/Victor Von Doom, Hamm would be great for this part his role on The Town and his swathe presence on Mad Men is very indicative of Doom's personality.

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I agree all of your cast choices except Summer Glau. I don't think she fits Invisible Woman at all like, though I really like the idea of Mads Mikkelsen playing Dr. Doom.

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