A Couple Ideas for Spin-Off groups, please critique.

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With Doom getting married to Scarlet Witch, and having Kristoff Vernard as an heir, I thought, why not have him form his own Fantastic Team? And so I created Doom's Four, and for his 'Thing' i choose Terrax (without the power cosmic) since the two have previously worked together.

And then for the second, I'm actually still working on it. I like Earth-7712's Fantastic Four where they all have different powers, and I would like to see them bring the group to the mainstream continuity, though not necessarily using the main Fantastic Four characters. SHIELD has a person working for them who uses the codename Dragonly (the name used by Thing in 7712), and they own the Mandroid (the name used by Human Torch in 7712) armors, so those two already exist in 616. But the other two still need to come. Well here's my ideas, have Huntara, Reed's half-sister, gain a blood transfusion from Reed giving her Reed's powers (kind of like how She-Hulk got her powers) and then Huntara could change her name to Ultra-Woman (the name used by the Invisible Woman in 7712). As for Big Brain (the name used by Mr. Fantastic in 7712), bring back the Living Brain, and combine its technology with that of a Doombot and give it Reed's brain pattern.

To wrap up

Doom's Four: Doctor Doom; Scarlet Witch, Doom's Fiancee/Wife; Terrax the Tamed, one time ally; Kristoff Vernard, his heir;

The New Fantastic Four (Fantastic 2.0?): Big Brain, Living Brain + Doombot + Reed's brain pattern; Ultra-Woman, Huntara with a blood transfusion from Reed, Dragonfly, SHIELD operative (Robinson Knight); Mandroid, SHIELD agent with a Mandroid armor.

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Please Critique

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I like Doom's 4, and the 7712 4 are interesting, not sure how successful they'd be though. Why not have an alternate reality team with their exact powers? (Angel, Colossus, Mr. Fantastic, Jean Grey)

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