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The FF fly to Latveria to help Shadowcat. Mr. Fantastic is beset by doubts, while the Invisible Woman and the Thing discuss the situation. Meanwhile, the Torch fills She-Hulk in on how Doom and Reed met at College and what the source of their rivalry is. In Latveria, Franklin’s dream-self visits and tries to cheer up a desperate Kitty, while the X-Men nervously wait. Outside the castle, Magneto tells Storm about his past and the loss of his family. As he lashes out with his magnetic powers, Doom warns him that another such outburst might damage his machinery meant to help Shadowcat. When the FF land, predictably a fight starts, which is stopped only by Franklin. Later, the FF watch Doom starting the reintegration process. However, Reed suddenly stops it when he sees what he believes to be a mistake. As Magneto inadvertently damaged the computers, the process has to be done manually. Reed finally overcomes his doubts and comes through, saving Kitty, though it will take a long time for her to completely recover. Later, Magneto and Reed make peace, while Sue confronts Doom with her realization that he is responsible for the forged diary. She leaves without a fight, content that her family has won and Doom will never comprehend why – that’s his tragedy.

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