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With all of reality in the hands of Dr. Doom and the Cosmic Cube, can even the mighty Thor save the day?

The story begins in the Baxter Building with Mr. Fantastic using a sophisticated computer of his in an attempt to anticipate Doom's next move, while the Thing and the Human Torch look on. The Invisible Girl says farewell to Namor at the East River, accompanied by Crystal. Sue pleads with Namor to work with her and the rest of the Fantastic Four in their battle against Doctor Doom, but as he leaves he refuses to promise anything. Back at the Baxter Building, an image appears before the eyes of Reed, Ben and Johnny that shows Cosmic Energy radiating from Doctor Doom.

Rick Jones rushes to the Baxter Building and he warns Ben, Reed and Johnny that Doom has invaded the Negative Zone. As Rick Jones explains, we briefly see Doom, Annihilus and Captain Mar-vell in the Negative Zone. Back at the Baxter Building, Reed, Ben, Johnny and Crystal prepare to leave for the Negative Zone. Sue seems hurt that she is being left behind, but her husband explains that someone has to monitor their progress on the Visi-Screen. As a despondent Invisible Girl watches them leave, she tells Rick Jones that it is so hard to be left behind.. waiting and wondering. Suddenly, the Sandman's mighty fist smashes into the face of Rick Jones. Briefly switching back to the Negative Zone, we see Doom stealing the Cosmic Control Rod from Annihilus.

At the Baxter Building again, the Sandman's hammer-like fist repeatedly smashes against the Invisible Girl's force field. Sandman announces that he can already feel her force field beginning to weaken. Unable to hold her force field any longer, the Invisible Girl is forced to lower her shield. Rejoicing as he watches the blonde girl try and stagger slowly away, Sandman says that he knew she would buckle under the pressure. Suddenly, Blastaar enters the scene and fires a power blast at Sue. Sandman, Wizard, Trapster and Blastaar look down at an unconscious Invisible Girl. Wizard tells Trapster to restrain her with his paste gun.

Meanwhile, back in the Negative Zone, the three male members of the Fantastic Four and Crystal battle Annihilus and his allies. Captain Marvel sees that they are outnumbered and need help. However, before he can assist them, Rick Jones uses his wrist bands to change places with him and Captain Marvel suddenly appears at the Baxter Building. A lengthy battles continues in the Negative Zone and the Fantastic Four seem to be holding their own against Annihilus. At the Baxter Building, Captain Marvel tries to battle the Frightful Four. Susan Storm Richards has regained consciousness, but she is bound to the floor by the Trapster's paste bonds. Blastaar quickly disposes of Captain Marvel. Annihilus takes Rick Jones hostage in the Negative Zone. The FF agree to return with Annihilus' Cosmic Control Rod, in exchange for the life of Rick Jones. However, Mr. Fantastic is very concerned as they near the portal with the Baxter Building, as Sue should have seen them and opened the portal for their return. Reed announces that something must be terribly wrong. The Frightful Four and Sue watch Mr. Fantastic, the Thing, the Human Torch and Crystal on the Visi-Screen and see that they are unable to return home. A triumphant Wizard proclaims that Reed Richards is never leaving the Negative Zone... A paste-bound Invisible Girl looks on helplessly, as she says "Oh, Reed! How... When you need me the most...I... I'm trapped... and helpless!"

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