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When Reed and Sue became parents it changed the Fantastic Four forever. What happens when Johnny Storm finds out he's going to become a dad? Especially as he has no recollection of the night in question. Turns out the truth lies within Johnny as the rest of the FF shrinks down inside the Human Torch where they find a trap laid by one of their most powerful enemies. How can Reed, Sue and Ben cut loose to win the battle without hurting Johnny? And how can Johnny defend himself from an outside threat without flaming on and killing his friends inside him? A wild journey into fatherhood and inside Johnny Storm!

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No Clever Titles, Just My Review 0

Personally, I enjoy annuals. They usually entail a fairly thick comic featuring a self-contained story featuring the title character(s). I figured this would be a good jumping on point for the FF, and in addition to getting reacquainted with their world, I was pleasantly surprised to read a comic that I just could not put down. I thought it was well written from cover to cover and excellently enhanced by the art. I was glad that this did not contain the usual cosmic super saga of FF stories as I...

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Review: Fantastic Four Annual #32 0

In this very special Fantastic Four Annual, Johnny Storm gets a woman pregnant, the team experiences the movie Innerspace, and the daughter of a famous villain attacks... and terminating a pregnancy... yeah.  The Good I actually was really enjoying this book (even though the art was nothing that great) up until Psycho-Woman was introduced into the story. I thought, "Hey! This is turning out to be a decent peace about family and choices, even though I feel like I'm being hit over the head wi...

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