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It's the long awaited wedding of Reed and Sue, and as you would expect, things don't run smoothly. Not only do they have to manage the wedding details, take care of all the guests and plan the honeymoon, they also have to fend off almost every Marvel villain created to date. Dr. Doom is the architect of the "Bedlam in the Baxter Building."

Reasoning that a team of super powered villains could defeat the FF during the wedding while their guard was down, Doom used his high frequency emotion charger in order to assemble the likes of Mole Man, Puppet Master, Mandarin, Red Ghost, Kang, Electro, Mad Thinker, Attuma and the hordes of Hydra.

Fortunately for Reed and Sue, their guest list included plenty of good guys including the Avengers, X-Men, Spidey and agents of SHIELD - and the good guys ensured the wedding was able to go ahead (if not without a hitch, then certainly by taking the fight outside).

Cameo appearances by Patsy Walker, Millie Collins and Hedy Wolfe in this issue established them as canon in the Marvel Universe.

To top the whole thing off a couple of gate crashers called Stan and Jack appear at the reception, but don't get in!

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A street brawl 0

This issue is considered a milestone for comic books in the Silver Age. For one thing it features the second superhero wedding in history. Reed Richards and Susan Storm finally get married. There were few married superheroes before and their marriages mostly  occured off-panel. The one major exception being the wedding of Aquaman and Mera in "Aquaman" vol. 1 #18 (November, 1964). For another thing this Annual features the greatest gathering of Marvel characters by this point. Not to mention a ch...

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Too Many Crooks Spoil the Betroth 0

Fantastic Four Annual #3 is, of course, mostly notable for containing the wedding of Sue Storm (Invisible Girl), and Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic). It was a special event; never before had two superheroes gotten married. And as if to underscore its specialness, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby decided to throw in nearly every major Marvel hero and villain in 23 pages.The story goes like this, Dr. Doom, enraged that Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman are going to have this special day, uses his 'High Freq...

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