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A special double-sized issue! Double the action! Double the terror! Doctor Doom has the Fantastic Four right where he wants them. Will the FF be able to stand against their menace? Also featuring the twisted back story of Doctor Doom, the Fantastic Four's cruelest nemesis to date.

  1. 'The Fantastic "Origin of Doctor Doom!"' - (Lee/Kirby) On a dark, windy night, Doctor Doom's servant, Boris takes him to a grave site which stirs in him memories of his past. Victor Von Doom was the son of a gypsy healer who aroused the wrath of the local baron for his inability to save the Baron's ailing wife. Werner Von Doom, the healer took his son Victor and fled but died of exposure. Victor grew up in Boris' care, but soon took to bedeviling the local aristocracy with swindles. Eventually his scientific aptitude attracts the attention of a university recruiter who awards him a scholarship to an American institution. There he first met Reed Richards. But soon, Von Doom's illegal experiments caused an accident which scarred his face and caused his expulsion. But Doom's story was far from over!
  2. 'A Gallery of the Fantastic Four's Most Famous Foes!' - (Lee/Kirby) Full page profiles of The Super Skrull, Rama-tut, the Molecule Man, the Hate Monger, the Infant Terrible, and Diablo
  3. 'The Fantastic Four, in... "Prisoners of Doctor Doom!"' - (Lee/Kirby) reprinting of the first meeting of the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom from Fantastic Four #5.
  4. Pinups - (Kirby) Human Torch, Invisible Girl, the Thing, Alicia, Mr. Fantastic
  5. "The Final Victory of Dr. Doom!" - (Lee/Kirby) rescued from space by Rama-tut, Doctor Doom returns to New York City where he immediately consults with the ambassador of the Latverian Embassy and instructs him to throw a gala with the Fantastic Four as the guests of honor where he plans to put his sinister plans into effect!

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