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"Something Old, Something New!" Guest-starring the Inhumans. Plot by John Byrne. Script by Mark Gruenwald. Pencils by Mark Bright. Inks by Mike Gustovich. Cover by Mark Bright and John Byrne. Wedding bells are ringing in Attilan, the home of the Inhumans! At long last Black Bolt and Medusa are getting married! And of course the Fantastic Four are invited! It looks like a wonderful day in the Blue Area of the Moon, but the Inhumans remember what happened the last time there was a royal wedding (in Fantastic Four 150)! Sure enough two mighty warriors, one from the Kree Empire and the other from the Skrull Empire, interrupt the ceremony! They don't care about the wedding; they just care about winning their epic one-on-one battle! However, to achieve everlasting peace, Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt, and the Watcher put together a plan to make winners out of both warriors! Cameo appearance by Wolverine.

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