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"Time for the Prime Ten" Script by Doug Moench. Art by George Perez (breakdowns), Jon D'Agostino, Chic Stone, and Mike Esposito (finishes). Cover by George Perez and Joe Sinnott. Reed Richards experiences a major scientific breakthrough with his new energy transmitter device! But Mr. Fantastic's wonderful discovery catches the attention of a particular evil alien race...the Skrulls! And through their normal means of deceit, the Skrulls' prime ten invade the Baxter Building and attack the FF! But the great Kree warrior, Captain Marvel, also journies to the Baxter Building and joins the fight! Back up story: "The Power of the People" Script by Doug Moench. Art by Tom Sutton. It's been several months since Zorba took over the leadership of Latveria following the events of Fantastic Four 200, and the unrest is growing among the civilian populace! Zorba worries that someone might try to revive the comatose Doctor Doom and return him to power! Zorba's fears are probably misplaced...or are they?

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