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The Sub-Mariner reunites with his people and is declared Namor I, "Avenging Son". True to his name, Namor immediately declares Atlantis will have retribution for the damage caused by the human race. Meanwhile Johnny and Ben continue to play practical jokes on each other, wrecking the FF's headquarters in the process (including Sue's collection of original dresses)! Reed thinks they need a break, and proposes mixing business with pleasure by having the FF take a cruise ship to the Atlantic Ocean to investigate reported sea monster sightings. Sure enough, on the first day at sea, Johnny spots a sea monster - and when the FF investigate, they are quickly captured by the minions of the Sub-Mariner! Sub-Mariner tells the Fantastic Four to inform the United Nations that Atlantis has declared all oceans and the skies above them as their sovereign territory and travel across or through them as trespassing. A declaration that can only lead to war!

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The first Fantastic Four Annual was definitely special for the time. Sub-Mariner is reunited with his people and declares all the oceans of the world and all the skies above them the sovereign territory of Atlantis - forbidding travel across. Needless to say this doesn't sit well with the nations of the world, and so Namor declares war on humanity.  This comic actually has a really great premise for a Silver Age comic. And the dynamics between Sue, Reed and Namor are interesting as well. But wha...

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Because it was the sixties and premarital sex was an ideal not readily sold to children in comic books (or anywhere else for that matter), the summer of '63 is one marked with the occasion where some dude marries a fish-girl of some sort and they in turn create this human amphibian abomination that goes by the name ofNamor. Okay, right, sure. Why? Did readers really need to know the origin of theSub-Mariner? Was it that much of an issue that such detail was needed? Plus, we get a brief overview ...

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