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Deep in space, Firelord, herald of Galactus, is on a mission from his master. But he is interrupted. Galactus is ready to feed. His target: the planet known as Earth.

In search of the Human Torch, the remaining members of the Fantastic Four have been captured by the Inhumans. They are brought before their leader, Black Bolt. The three of them are informed that they cannot leave, which angers the Thing and starts a brawl between the teams. While trying to escape, they come across Johnny who informs them that the Inhumans need their help.

The Terrigen Mists, which helped to give the Inhumans their powers, has stopped flowing. The caverns that they usually come from has also been producing monsters. They all believe this is the doing of Black Bolt's brother, Maximus. They need Reed's help to decipher an ancient language and locate Maximus and the source of the Terrigen Mists.

Reed is able to achieve this and they find what they are looking for deep in the caverns. Maximus has used the mist to give himself even more power and control the mist for his own devious purposes.


Includes preview of Alpha Flight #1 by Steven T. Seagle and Scott Clark.

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