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Thing, Mr. Fantastic, and Invisible Woman are in Alicia Masters' sculpture room and wonder where she might be. Thing worries that she might be out with another man while Invisible Woman suggests she might be out shopping. Thing gets upset about the way he looks and the possibility that Alicia might leave him and lashes out at Mr. Fantastic for not helping him return to normal. Thing knocks Mr. Fantastic down and storms out of the room while Reed pledges to Sue that he'll make a serum to save him someday.

Meanwhile, in the Citadel of Science, Dr. Hamilton arrives with Alicia Masters through a teleportation machine. They are greeted by Morlak, Shinski, and Zota who introduce themselves and reveal that despite being world famous scientists, they faked their own deaths. They ask Alicia to sculpt a replica of Morlak's head out of granite as a test of her abilities. They give her an electron blade to make the sculpting faster and easier and she quickly completes the sculpture with perfection.

Meanwhile Thing is in Central Park brooding about not having Alicia. A police officer asks why he's not wearing the usual hat and topcoat. A crowd gathers admiring the Thing and a woman kisses him just as he was feeling sorry for himself. Thing feels bad for lashing out at Mr. Fantastic and goes back to apologize.

The Human Torch flies over New York and finds Crystal on top of the Baxter Building, angry with him for leaving her in a car in the middle of nowhere. She accidentally uses her powers on him and feels bad about it. They walk into Mr. Fantastic's lab where he's working on a device and postulating about what may have happened to Alicia Masters with Sue.

Back at the Citadel, Alicia asks the scientists why they need her help when a blast of energy destroys everything in the room. Morlak calls for his guards to attack the source of the blast and secure it. Alicia is distraught and Morlak makes her a vitrabroth to ease her nerves. Alicia's troubles melted away by the vitrabroth, Morlak reveals to her the motives of the scientists- to eliminate war, crime, and illness by creating a new race of human beings. The source of the energy blast was their attempt to create the one perfect human being, the forerunner of a supreme race. The being escaped the chamber they had it held in and attempted to attack them and they barely escaped with their lives. The scientists explain that they brought Alicia because the being emits a blinding energy that makes them incapable of seeing it and that she alone can get close to him and sculpt a statue of him.

The Thing shows up at Alicia' apartment with flowers only to discover the rest of the Fantastic Four are there. Mr. Fantastic is using a camera-like device to find what happened. He flips the switch and it shows Dr. Hamilton taking Alicia through a portal in the wall. The machine produces a picture of Hamilton's bracelet and Reed is convinced that was used to go through the portal.

At the citadel, Alicia and Dr. Hamilton suit up and enter the being's chamber and can feel the energy as it comes closer...

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