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This issue opens up with the Fantastic Four, Crystal, and Triton all together in the Baxter Building after Triton saved Reed from the Negative Zone last issue. However, the ceiling starts collapsing, and Reed stretches up to the roof to see what's happening. He's unexpectedly hit with a small explosion, and so Triton goes up instead, but he is defeated by the duo of Blastaar and Sandman, who have teamed up.
Blastaar and Sandman then go down to street level, as Blastaar doesn't care about Earth's customs, and are found by Johnny and Crystal, who left the Baxter Building. As the Human Torch starts fighting them, the Thing joins the fight, but finds Blastaar difficult enough to defeat on his own due to his power to shoot explosions from his hands. Fortunately, back at the Baxter Building Reed knows of the fight going on, and thinks that he has a device which could stop Blastaar.
The Thing is soon taken away by Sandman, who plans to take him to the docks and drown him. The Human Torch and Crystal continue fighting Blastaar, in the meantime, but soon find out that Blastaar can adjust to any heat instantaneously. Meanwhile, at the docks, Sandman's plan to drown Ben fails, but whilst in a fight with Ben Sandman is carried away in many different directions by the currents in the water. Ben decides to leave it and head back to the fight with Blastaar.
Reed and Sue have joined the fight again, and Reed has brought along a helmet with which he plans to defeat Blastaar. Although he fails at first, Reed eventually manages to plant the helmet on Blastaar, preventing him from launching his explosions from his fingers. With that power negated, Reed punches Blastaar hard enough to knock him out, and so Ben takes Blastaar back to the Baxter Building so that they can send him back to the Negative Zone.

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