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Pure Doom

Let me apologize for the Doomgasm, but this issue was a nice sending off point of a really genuinely exceptional run by Jonathan Hickman. I'm disappointed to see him go but at least I know that they brought back my favorite character, Doctor Doom.

This issue explains the whereabouts of Doctor Doom after the major arc surrounding the 600th issue of the F4. There was a little drop in Future Foundation #16 where they show Doom on a throne in front of enslaved other-dimensional Doom (real life doombots). I appreciate the filled in gaps before they change creative teams in November with Matt Fraction taking the helm. The issue, in it's entirety outlines how Doom, as a man, works as a God in a foreign universe and how it falls out from under him. Although I hate to see Doom upended, it was a decent transition to bring him back to the shared marvel universe. And even though doom really isn't a part of the Future Foundation, I still really favor the blue and white outfit. My favorite line is when Doom comments on what it was like being a God, to which he replies: "It was beneath me" (As in UMVC3).

The story by Hickman was well done, as they usually are, and the art by Ryan Stegman surely didn't take anything away from it. The ending piece done by Hickman to the fans was touching and heartfelt, which was a nice way to send off on the 'World's Greatest Comic Magazine'. In response to his message, thanks Jonathan Hickman for such a great run, it was a lot of fun and I hope to read more of his stories.

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