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World's Greatest

This issue starts off with a earlier panel, known by FF fanatics, of the arc called "World's Greatest" by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch (highly recommended) in which a F4 from the future comes to exodus there world's population because of the decaying earth, almost a future foundation of sorts....sorry I kinda had to. Anyway it revolves around the Nu World and how it is decaying in the same fashion and the efforts to restore the Nu world. I really appreciated the link by Hickman of the Millar story to the current timeline of the Fantastic Four. The issue shows the older few panels show of when Johnny is just about to be left in the N-zone in 588, and then goes to the present when Johnny is back so it has that "then and now" feeling.

The writing was good, as Hickman normally is, and the art by Stegman is alright. It's a self contained issue and is a sort of a one-shot that leads easily into whatever else will come. I am sad that Hickman will be off of the F4 series in a month or so, so I've heard, because I think he is a great writer and has potential for more great things. The only other major thing that will happen in the World's Greatest Comic Magazine, is the return of Doom.

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