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The Nation of Wakanda is set on a path that will forever change its role in the Marvel Universe.

The Panther God chooses the fate of T’Challa.

Who will be The Black Panther?

Reed Richards and T'Challa step into the darkness underground and enter Necropolis, the City of the Dead, where all Black Panthers are laid to rest. They eventually meet Bastet, the Panther God and T'Challa tells him that he desires to be Black Panther again, without hurting Shuri in any way. Meanwhile, Shuri, Susan and Ororo take a herb to make them "see the gods". It means they follow the Celestial Path where they encounter Anubis and its army, against which they have to fight. Bastet shows T'Challa a vision of the Phoenix force destroying earth. He makes Shuri ruler of Wakanda and T'Challa King of the Dead.

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Necropolis - Not the hottest spot for tourists in Wakanda 0

Last issue’s part one of the story saw Reed, Sue and the Future Foundation invited to Wakanda and an invading undead army attack. In the second part, Reed and T’Challa travel to the Necropolis, the City of the Dead to gain knowledge whilst Sue, Shuri and Storm travel the Celestial Path to find and confront Anubis.SPOILERS!The Good· As per usual, Hickman writes the characters in his story excellently. Reed and T’Challa share some interesting discussions about this new area of Wakanda and it was g...

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City of the Dead 0

The good: Hickman dialogue is pretty good . If you like dialogue then this a good issue for you. black panther dreams was the real reason he went to the dead city of wakanda . The girls fight a evil spirt after taking some magical herb. The end the result is Reed and T'challa become closer and black panther becomes black panther again! Seeing the past Black panthers was cool as well. The Bad: Shuri was suppose to die? Don't think that happening .WAY to much dialouge and not enough action.. Bla...

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