adamwarlock's Fantastic Four #606 - Adventures in Red review

Oh, you're still here, Hickman?

I don't really get why this issue is here. I know Hickman's not quite done yet with his run on Fantastic Four, but with him having tied up most of his long-running plot threads in the last few issues, this stand-alone issue just feels... trivial. I've loved Hickman's run on Fantastic Four and I don't want it to end but if stuff like this is what it's got left now that his primary story is done, I wish he was already gone so the run could end on a high point. Maybe it's a fluke.

So this issue opens up with the FF going off on a vague mission in a ship, with echoes of their iconic origin launch. What's the crisis that's got them worked into such a tizzy? We don't know. But after a crash landing, it's soon apparent, even if they aren't going to just come out and say it, that they are shrunk down inside some person or some thing's body. Whose/what's? We don't know. And with all the vagueness going on, I don't much care. It's apparent already that this issue is a one-off and there's no genuine peril for anybody involved.

So in the end we do learn that the team was inside the body of a longtime Marvel Universe character who we haven't seen in quite some time, and who has a long history with the team. Crisis averted, on to bigger things next issue (maybe).

This "fantastic voyage" one-off could have been a very fun issue, but I just was not feeling it at ALL. I wasn't even that taken in with Ron Garney's art, who I'm usually quite pleased with. I don't know what exactly it was, but this issue just felt like a complete rush-job both in scripting and art duties, and if I'd had any idea just how trivial it would have been... I'd have skipped it, even at the expense of having an otherwise maddening hole in my collection of Hickman's run on the title. This issue just ads nothing whatsoever to Hickman's run, and it isn't even fun.

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