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Just ok

I hadn't read any fantastic four comics for a long time and I thought that this 0.1 issue would be the appropriate place to check how some of my all time favorite heroes are doing. It wasn't really a disappointing experience but it also didn't leave me with any sense of satisfaction at all.

The good stuff: Any story with a reversed perspective where people are doing the exact opposite of what they normally do is by it's own rights intriguing. One of my favorite JLA stories of all times is the Earth 2 mini (the one with the crime syndicate). So seeing Reed Richards turn evil had the potential to intrigue me. Also, I really liked the issue's ending it left a sense of potential looming there

The bad stuff: Everything here felt extremely rushed. I do think that there were so many events and back history of the alternate universe crammed together that challenged the reader to defy a series of unavoidable plot holes and way too many stuff like Hitler getting an inch close to the thing in order for it to punch him that weaken the story. Also I didn't like the fact that the story looked a set of predetermined paths towards an ending.

The art looked ok but it also has some points were it look really rushed, like the panels where Reed confronts the whole Universe's heroes and villains (who remain anonymous and not shown in the book), they look pretty disappointing and blank. I understand that it is an enormous task to make such a short scene work well but I didn't like the result at all.

So this issue was basically ok but nothing really special. Maybe I will try reading further on and hopefully, as the last panels show, things will get better...

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