thanosrules's Fantastic Four #604 - Forever, Part Five review

And If Tomorrow...

Highly Recommended!

The story of forever comes to a conclusion. This five part arc has been some of the best Fantastic Four I have ever read. It coupled with the FF stories have really made me re-think everything I know about this family and their fantastic friends. As expected, the end comes with an overall positive message of hope. And while there was much sacrifice throughout the story, most everything is returned to normal - that is normal with a strong side of overwhelming galactic power shift.

Just like the story, the art was fantastic as well. The panel layouts, the presentation of "climax material" and the overall flow was expertly portrayed by the art. The depictions of cosmic energy and the larger than life cosmic characters was, as it has been for five issues now, perfect. The colors used for all the cosmic illustrations really contrast the standard black and white uniforms worn by the FF. It was as if color was used to distinguish levels of cosmic power. Either way, this was definitely a cosmic issue for the ages - the ideas implemented here were almost as significant as the introduction of the concept of "Galactus" itself. I applaud the creative team for their out-of-the-box thinking and execution of this part of the story-line.


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