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Next to the star spangled Avenger the Fantastic Four are my favorite, especially Thing so what with the direction they're taking the best family in comics, I'm giddy as a school-girl. What made me fall in love with the FF to begin with was how they came about in that time when super-hero books were more sci-fi than purely super-hero tales. FF particularly, fight Galactus, Skrulls and the Mole Man, to name a few. This tale, continuing from issue 600, is such a throwback to the sci-fi roots this book was established in. Johnny is obviously back, if thats a spoiler, you need to leave the mole men's caves more often. This is great news and 600 tells the whole tale, but we're here for 601. This is what I have been waiting for, the family is whole again, the science fiction is booming and the story is simply magnificent. I don't like to tell too much about the books in my reviews so I will simply say, if you don't have it, buy it and you will agree it is Fantastic, seriously.


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    Recommended!Coming off the heels of the 100-page, 50th Anniversary, issue 600, issue 601 had a lot to live up to. I am not too sure why Ben too center stage on the cover - as to possibly not give the well known "spoiler" away... I believe the very powerful image of Johnny with the Cosmic Control Rod would have been a better choice. It certainly was the focus of the issue, anyway.That is the only problem I had for this issue (if you could call it one). I thought it did a great job of picking up f...

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    This issue has a crazy opening with everyone losing the fight. Then BAM! everyone finally finds out that Johnny's alive and then the war gets back into gear. This war is so epic I can't believe Marvel didn't make it into a cross-over event. Definitely check this issue out!...

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