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It hurts

This book was simply amazing. Not only has it gone back to the science fiction roots of FF but it is so well written, so well done I can't even think of words to describe it. Johnny is back, which if thats a spoiler to you you have to start coming of the mole men's caves more often. The book takes us to his side of the story to tell us what happened during all thats been going on. It will rock your world/worlds. This thing is a hefty 7 bucks and honestly, if they had charged more and I knew what kind of experience I would have reading this, I would have paid with a grin on my skull and thats not a suggestion to Marvel to raise the price cause in all honesty 7 is kinda pushing it. If it's not in your collection, run, don't walk, to your local comic shop, throw money at the man until you get a copy and run back and read. Don't bag and board it yet, you may read it again and it'll just end in tears having to tape and untape the thing to read it. So good it hurts.


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    I managed to avoid spoilers for this issue and didn't even look for preview pages, and the wait was definitely worth it. 28 pages of Hickman & Epting and a truly awesome 48 pages of Hickman & Giandomenico combine for a science heavy, emotional, action-packed, trippy, quality journey that is well worth the money, even before the additional 3 short stories at the end. And those are NOT just filler material. With a story and comic as long as this one there is a danger that a writer will los...

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