theacidskull's Fantastic Four #6 - The Big Bang! review

A Fantastic Disappointment

I think I spoke to soon when i said that Fraction was doing well, still i haven't lost hope, but i have not liked what i'v seen , especially the last issue. my Personal opinion is that all of this will somehow add up, but then is a specific reason for the whole story and it doesn't get explored, the arc itself can suffer from it.

it's been six issues and so far no progression has been made towards the fact that the fantastic four members are slowly dying. six issues is a lot, and all reed does is go to different times periods and nothing good or worthwhile comes out of it, i understand that this could be building up to something, maybe in the future reed will reveal that all these locations could were specifically targeted in order to find a cure, but even so there should a small hints to show us that reed isn't doing this because " he want's to!". Don't get me wrong , i like the idea that the FF are traveling around the universe , it's definitely interesting , but here's the thing, let me make a comparison, In Mark Waids Indestructible Hulk, banner also seems to be going place to place, he first went deep underwater, and we got a good adventure, but at the same time we saw banner acquire something important for his too kit, same as he is doing with he time in Jotunheim.

Moreover, i prefer the concept of the " Beginning of time" to be left as a mystery, since, as a christian, i find it a little unsettling that it's explained through science and goes with the big bang theory, and while i don't mind it that much , it is still one of thous concepts that should be always left as a mystery. also , reed as a scientist , should know that doing something such as traveling at the beginning of time is very careless and could cause some drastic changes.

also, During the fight scene, reed is literary ripped in half, he has a hole on his chest , and he seems fine later. did i miss something here? isn't reeds costume indestructible ? and doesn't he have a disease that has left serious damage on his hand but a dinosaur bite? yet he can still recover from getting torn basically in half.

Also , while i know that ben doesn't speak the way others do, by which i mean he uses street slang, but " sussie-pants?" , really ? i really didn't like the manner of how ban talked. also, last issue it was raveled that Ben had been responsible for dooms creation, but there is no mention of that here, only been seems to be very nervous about that, i was hoping that there would be more development.

I disliked this issue, honestly, other than the art, which was amazing, there was nothing to enjoy about it.

Recommendation: Nu-Uh.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Ben's called Sue Sussie-pants longer than Fractions been on the title, but I see what you mean.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

Ben's called Sue Sussie-pants longer than Fractions been on the title, but I see what you mean.

i didn't know that :P, but still man...weird name XD, but i hardly took any points because of that !

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@theacidskull: Yeah I'm pretty sure he's called him that for years, that or Sussie pie, but I still see what you mean.

Posted by Cyclops4President

does this count as a real cover?

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