dark_noldor's Fantastic Four #588 - Three, Epilogue: Month of Mourning review

Fantastic Farewell

Doing comic books stories without words is a complex and hard task - I remember when Marvel did a kind of challenge in 2004 or 2005 publishing only issues without letterers - and this issue wouldn´t be as great and emotional as it was if it had letter so I guess it was a home run this editorial decision to publish the "last" Fantastic Four issue without words, just images expressing the feelings around the heroes, each one grieving the passing of the Human Torch by their own way. And this was a logical decision too, because there´s some losses and grieves that words cannot explain, so it would be dimminishing of the respect and feeling regarding the character trying to put this passing into words. It was all really touching, especially the outburst of the Thing, letting steam out with Thor and Hulk, since he must be the one with the higher feeling of guilty because he was with Johnny minutes before he died. Also the art of Nick Dragotta - who aren´t one of the heavy hiiters in my opinion - was high standart, he really delivered great and amazing panels, truly capturing the narrative and what Hickman intended to pass through. Reed´s grief and anger was very well executed too, as well the way of dealing with this great loss that Sue chose to do. The memorial panels were one of the best. I really liked Reed analysing potential threats and the shocking end. This was a great issue, really worthy of the "end" of this tittle. The secondary story, penciled by Mark Brooks, was also good, proving that Ben Parker´s story is still good to be told without getting cheesy or boring by repetition. Awesome issue, highly recommended!
4.5 out 5


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