sora_thekey's Fantastic Four #588 - Three, Epilogue: Month of Mourning review


While I haven't been following Johnathan Hickman's run on Fantastic Four completely, the few issues of his I did read were simply amazing. With no doubt his place is writing the First Family
The Good  
I am unsure if this is a spoiler or not, but this is mostly a silent issue. I think I mentioned this once or twice before, but silent issues are always a hit/miss topic for me. 
Silent issues are, for the most part about expressing emotion without the need of words. Usually, this is something that is used as a plot device to evoke a sad reaction from readers. Hickman did an amazing job in evoking that reaction with the silent last page of the last issue and comes full circle by recreating that reaction once more using different characters this time. I am very glad to have closure to the story that brought death to one of my favorite characters. Not only getting the aftermath reactions from the immediate characters affected by this but also by the rest of the Marvel U.
I hope by now, everybody knows that the death in Three was Johnny Storm's. Otherwise you just probably just got the biggest spoiler ever! This issue was great but my favorite parts were not even the issue itself, they were the second feature and Hickman's closing statement to this long-run series.
The second feature focused on Franklin and Spider-Man. The art by Mark Brooks is amazing complimenting this heartfelt story that is so good I am going to let you go and read it.

The Bad  
Like I mentioned above, silent issues are always a hit/miss topic for me. While this issue did a good job using this "plot device" to match the tone of the story there were tidbits that I wish would have had dialogue to understand the progression of the story better. Personally, I though it was a shame that Steve Epting was not the artist in this issue. Nick Dragotta's art is great but I still missed Epting's touch.

The Verdict - 4.5 out of 5 
Every single fan of the Fantastic Four needs to read "Three"! This is a great ending that not only bodes well as an ending of the series but also of the ending of the team. I said before that one of my favorite parts of the issue was Hickman's closing statement. Read it. I promise it will make you want to read FF #1 more than you do now. 

"...where exactly do we go from here? Pretty Simple, really, the same place we've been headed the entire time: Tomorrow. -JH"


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