g_man's Fantastic Four #588 - Three, Epilogue: Month of Mourning review

Holy Crap!

The final issue of the Fantastic Four. Can it top the previous issue now that we know who died? 

The Good 

This issue was amazing. My goodness. I read it in the cab on the way back from the comic shop and was blown away. By now, you should know that Johnny died. You can probably guess what this issue will deal with. It doesn't matter, you won't be prepared. Jonathan Hickman superbly tells the sad story of everyone dealing with the death of Johnny. The way it's presented here simply works (I won't go into detail but it was great). 
Is this really the last issue? We know that FF is beginning next month. Despite this being the final issue, there are so many new plot threads and things clearly will not be the same. Even though this was a sad issue, there were a couple threads that almost had me cheering out loud seeing that Hickman is addressing certain characters. I'M SO EXCITED!  
There's also a back up story with Spider-Man and Franklin.

The Bad 

When I first saw that Steve Epting wasn't doing this issue, I was a little bummed. As I kept reading, Nick Dragotta's art and storytelling blew me away.

The Verdict 

Man oh man, I loved this issue. I've always dug the Fantastic Four. I've totally been enjoying Hickman's run on the series. WIth the death of a character and the obvious final issue, you might think you know what to expect here but it doesn't matter. This issue accomplished what it set out to do. It says a lot in the way that Hickman and Dragotta told the story in the way that they did. I'd imagine it's not an easy task but it felt like the two were completely on the same wavelength to pull this off the way they did. This isn't about the death of a character but more about the repercussions and what happens next.  There are so many new plot threads presented here that you will definitely want to pick up FF #1 next month.
Posted by MooseyMcMan

Good review G-Man.

Posted by longbowhunter

Man you really sell it. Never been much of an FF fan, kinda wish I were though. Sounds like I'm missing all the fun with Hickman on this book.
Posted by G-Man
@longbowhunter: I suggest getting the trade for THREE when it comes out. You can pre-order the HC on amazon for under 12 bucks.
Posted by The Sadhu

Can't wait to pick up this issue!
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I was excited to see how everyone was going to react to this death since I heard of the story arc "Three" coming out because I knew who ever died it did not matter because I knew it was going to be a very good issue when the rest of the team had to deal with the death. So, I have been excited for this issues from the beginning but I think you made me even more excited to read this tomorrow. 

Posted by jakob187

Totally agree.  Fantastic issue.  The way the entire story is presented was dumbfounding, but issues like this are always incredible.  It makes you realize that when it comes to telling emotion through art, Marvel has some of the best guys on the job for it. 
Also, that last page...  OH THAT LAST PAGE!!!

Edited by AndyPhifer

One of the best single issues of any comic in a good long while. I loved every panel.

Posted by Joe Venom

I didn't really enjoy it, I'm not a huge fan of stories being told this way, I blame myself tho for setting my hopes up so high for what the fallout would be like. Dragotta did do an excellent job capturing raw emotion through art his art but there are some panels I would just kill for some dialogue  

Posted by They Killed Cap!

This simply one of the best most inteligent comics I have ever read.
Posted by Nateabusa

Great review G-Man. One of the BEST issues of any comic Iv'e ever read. The fact that there is no dialog, yet can STILL tell one of the most heartfelt and heart wrenching stories is a testament to both Hickman and Dragotta. This HAS to be in the running for best single comic issue of the year. If this really IS the final issue of Fantastic Four (i know, i doubt it too...) this is THE way to do it. Hopefully FF #1 continues the trend.

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