dark_noldor's Fantastic Four #584 - Three, Part Two: Congratulations, Mister Grimm. You`re Handsome Again! review

It´s Clobbering Time

After all the excitment of last issue, this number introduces to us a new chapter in Ben Grimm´s life: the hability of turning into his human form for a whole week, once a year, after drinking a formula (brought back the memories of his adventures after Secret Wars, when he left FF because he was able to control his transformantion and become human again). It´s a very amusing and fun story about Ben & Johnny hanging around for a whole day, just doing mundane things, like watching a football macth, eating hot-dogs, meeting old buddies (Stan Lee & Jack Kirby - a great and touching homage from Hickman and Epting), playing a session of Poker and then getting into a street fight with the Yancy Street Gang. And the night only ends when Ben (helped by Johnny) visits Alicia Masters. This is a very different issue of Fantastic Four and even dissonant from the whole "Countdown" plot, since its focused on Ben´s humanity, and only had two parallell stories that can lead to our choices of whom is going to tie the knot: Susan Richard is meeting with Namor (again with this guy!! What´s the deal with Namor and girls?!?) and Reed receiving Silver Surfer´s visit so that he explain to Galactus himself about the murder of "Galactus from Earth 2012" (event that ocurred in Fantastic Four # 571, and I didn´t even know tha Norrin had returned to work as his herald again).
The Best - This a true delight for Steve Epting´s fans and who enjoys great comic book art. Paul Mounts as colorer is awesome too. To those who like the character "The Thing" this is a must have issue.
The Bad - It was a little sad that this issue was so slow paced in terms of the plot, since last issue showed so much, and just outr o f the bloom Susan has to go to Atlantis and Reed is being interrogated by Silver Surfer and Galactus. It was bad to that we didn´t see any follow up from Valeria Richards, since she was a major character in issue # 583. I guess since this was all about Benjamin Grimm this story could be a one shot thing, appart from the book continuity.
The Verdict - Great dialogues, interesting sideline stories, beautiful and amazing art!!!! Can´t wait for next issue!
4 out 5


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