super_kip's Fantastic Four #583 - Three, Part One: In Latveria, the Flowers Bloom in Winter review

It was OK

I don't read F4 every month, like I used to when I was a kid. I am reading the "3" storyline. This issue had absolutely nothing to do with the last issue. The only part that was interesting were the panels with Valerie & Dr. Doom. The rest was boring & hard to figure out what exactly was going on in it. Where was the heart that made F4 such a great comic?


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    Valeria's alliance with Doom 0

    Cover I really love the cover. When I saw the cover it got me really excited to read the issue. I also love the countdown to when one of the Fantastic Four dies. Story The Fantastic Four is on a mission in the Neutral Zone but, while they are on the mission Valeria is sneaking around her father’s lab. She finds a video diary. Mr. Fantastic says that he has joined a group called the Council. When he joined he did not know he had to pick between saving the world and his family.   Then he says buil...

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