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After leeching the powers of Silver Surfer, a cosmically-endowed Doctor Doom takes on the FF! A shocking outcome to the team’s most significant battle yet! Doom laughs in the face of defeat, and takes on the United States in his latest bid at world domination.

The Fantastic Four (minus Johnny) are shocked to see an image of Doctor Doom appear in a heavy rainstorm, but Reed tries to convince them that it's nothing, not wanting to frighten Sue too much. Back in Latveria, Doctor Doom laughs at their reactions, satisfied with the power he stole from the Silver Surfer. He taunts the Surfer before jumping onto the Surfer's board and flying towards America, planning on defeating the Fantastic Four once and for all. In the Baxter Building, the Thing is reading a book when Reed startles him, telling the Thing that he and Sue are planning on going away for the weekend. Reed notices that the Thing is more jumpy than usual, and after they've gone, the Thing notices that he's almost expecting something bad to happen when Doctor Doom arrives and attacks him.

The Thing and Doom fight it out, with the Thing trying his best before Doom uses his power to slow down the Thing's vibration rate, essentially turning him into a statue. At the same time, Lockjaw teleports Johnny and Wyatt Wingfoot to the top of the Baxter Building, where they immediately notice the damage done by Doom. Whilst investigating, Doom goes to attack Reed and Sue, who keep him busy for a while. Johnny is searching for the Thing in the meantime, and after finding him, remembers that Reed has a metabolism accelerator in his lab, which should help get Ben back to normal. He tells Wyatt what to do, then on a hunch goes to the cottage Reed and Sue are currently in, being attacked by Doctor Doom.

Whilst the Human Torch attacks Doctor Doom, Reed and Sue leave, as the Torch is planning to create a massive explosion. Unfortunately, it fails to hurt Doom, but it does buy the Fantastic Four enough time for Wyatt to revive Ben. The Fantastic Four regroup whilst Wyatt tries another of Reed's devices on Doctor Doom, but again it fails to hurt him. Mr. Fantastic then orders the team to give up, as he decides that Doom is too powerful for them to defeat, and that any fight would simply leave them all dead. Doom agrees to let the Fantastic Four live, as he considers it humiliating for them to survive knowing that he is too strong for them, then flies off on the Surfer's board.

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