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“Well, let’s start with the good news. The good news is that the Earth DIDN’T die in the early part of the twenty-first century. It actually survived another five hundred years, thanks to the efforts of Doctor Reed Richards. But when the end times came, it was worse than we imagined. Twelve billion people starved to death, half the world’s cities drowned in the seas and cancer and disease affected almost every living creature. The rich and the powerful disappeared overnight, leaving behind a lawless mess that the world’s remaining super heroes bound together to protect. But it was HOPELESS and we KNEW it. Hence the reason I built the big MACHINE…”

Revelations over revelations. Galactus was used as an energy battery to power a time machine which was supposed to bring the New Defenders and 8 billion people back in time away from the apocalyptic crisis. Back in the past, Johnny Storm isn't all impressed by the New Defenders motives and Doom swears a vendetta. Meanwhile, we get to know the real leader of the New Defenders, ... Sue Storm. She disguised herself as the Fantastic Fours nanny and then walked through the entire team, knocking them out one by one to snatch a missing component from the lab...

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