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THE EARTH IS DOOMED! Buy this issue for a first-look at mankind's new home. Also, the Torch gets nekkid with a super-villain.

Twenty years ago at the University of Vienna, Alyssa tells Reed that they despite their sharing a kiss, they can't have kids together. Since they are both so brilliant, she says they owe it to mankind to spread their genes as far as they can.

Reed is impressed with the designs and progress for Nu-World. Alyssa and Ted tell him that Earth will be uninhabitable in less than ten years. They are trying to recreate it all to the tiniest detail. They consider it a clean slate and a chance to start over. One of the things they have in mind is to prevent weapons being allowed. They've created CAP ("Conserve And Protect"). It will patrol the world to make sure there's no guns, nuclear devices, etc. Alyssa says he's as powerful as he needs to be. They don't want all their work to go to waste if someone decided to try to blow up the planet. Despite all the work they've done so far, they still need Reed's help.

At Johnny's new place, he is woken up when he's two hours late for his band's rehearsal. On the way there he flies by a scene on the freeway involving a super-powered woman. She seems to have psionic powers. Johnny grabs her and carries her away from the scene. As they continue to fight, they end up making out.

At the Earth Trust's North Pole station, Alyssa and Ted get word that CAP's excaped. Apparently he overheard the conversation with Reed about the soldiers in the real world and he's going after them.

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