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This issue starts off with the Fantastic Four still in Wakanda, where they've been for the past two issues, playing a game of baseball with the natives. Although they are enjoying themselves, Johnny is brooding because Crystal of the Inhumans is still trapped in Attilan, behind the Negative Zone barrier. The scene then cuts to Attilan, where the Inhumans are trying to convince Maximus to reverse the barrier, but are unsuccessful due to his recent madness. 
Back in Wakanda, the Black Panther is giving gifts to all of the Fantastic Four. When he asks Johnny what he would like, Johnny says that all he wants is Crystal, and so the Black Panther gives Johnny a vehicle called a Gyro-Cruiser, to allow Johnny to travel to Attilan by himself. Wyatt Wingfoot also decides to accompany Johnny in his search. The two set off later, but after a few hours of travelling across the desert, fall into a hidden crevice in the desert during a sandstorm. 
The crevice has a tunnel which leads to a crypt of sorts, where a strangely garbed man appears to be sleeping on a strange throne. As Wyatt and Johnny approach him, he wakes up, and tells them that he is Prester John, who during his travels across the world centuries ago, found the city of Avalon. There, he was placed into a kind of suspended animation by the Chair of Survival, to tell the future world of their discoveries. He then demonstrates one of their weapons, called the Evil Eye, and uses it to create an impenetrable barrier around Johnny and Wyatt- just like the Negative Zone barrier surrounding Attilan.
Meanwhile in Attilan, Maximus has made a device for Triton so that he can survive outside of water, which whilst helpful, angers Gorgon when he realises that Maximus isn't working on a way to destroy the barrier. Back in Africa, Prester John destroys the barrier he created, and Johnny realises that the Evil Eye can be used to destroy the Inhumans' barrier. He grabs it off Prester John and flies off with it, but Prester John explains to Wyatt that since the safety button wasn't pressed, its power will keep on increasing, and blow up within minutes. Wyatt chases after Johnny and shoots the Evil Eye out of his hands, blowing it up as it lands. Although Johnny realises why Wyatt did so, he's still shattered that he missed out on the chance to free Crystal.
Back in Attilan, Black Bolt begins building up power to power a bomb in the hopes of blowing up the Negative Zone... but as he does so, starts screaming for the first time in his life...

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