etragedy's Fantastic Four #50 - The Startling Saga of the Silver Surfer review

Galactus' Hunger? Or the Ultimate Cataclysm?


The fiftieth issue of Fantastic Four is the final chapter in the Galactus Trilogy. And Stan Lee and Jack Kirby really bring a great finish to this story arc. Kirby's art is awesome, with coruscating energy and mind-bending cosmic scenery on nearly every page!

After meeting Alicia Masters, Silver Surfer becomes an advocate for mankind, taking on his Master, Galactus!

Silver Surfer, defiant

In an all-out, action packed climax, there are energy bolts flying every which way. Meanwhile, Johnny Storm returns from the outer reaches of space with the one weapon that can bring about Galactus' undoing - the Ultimate Nullifier - but it's use could also bring about an ultimate cataclysm, destroying the entire Solar System and more!

Sue throws a typical Sue fit

The one flaw in the work is that it all ends a little too soon, leaving maybe a few too many pages of 'back to normal' life. While I like this part of the comic, it covers in 10 pages what could have been done in 4 - leaving more room for a longer showdown with Galactus.

Sulky Thing

As usual, by the end, everyone is back to normal, which means histrionics from Sue, sulking from Ben, etc. But even so, this is Fantastic Four at its best!

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