otoboke's Fantastic Four #5 - Prisoners of Doctor Doom! review

Prisoners of Doctor Doom!

Cue the ominous music, boys, Dr. Doom’s just walked in. You know, I’m not sure if Stan or Jack were anticipating that Doom would make the impression that he did when he first arrives here, but regardless, this issue (like many origin stories of both heroes and villains thus far) is tepid at best. Going from time travel to black magic and all sorts of crazy shenanigans with castles straight-up existing somewhere around New York, our fifth adventure here is spotty at best with perhaps the best first quarter seen to date. Shame about the rest, though. Doom would get better with time—his ploys a little less inane than seen here.


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    This issue is significant because it introduces perhaps the greatest villain in the Marvel Universe, Dr. Doom.  As a story goes... well it just isn't that strong. Like most issues of Fantastic Four, the first half is better than the second. Probably the only thing I don't like in the first few chapters (other than standard corny Silver Age dialog) is the fact that Johnny Storm is reading a Hulk comic and compares the Hulk to the Thing - O.K., he read a Sub-Mariner comic last issue, I can kind of...

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