theacidskull's Fantastic Four #5 - I Killed Julius Caesar! review

Et Tu, Reed?

I'll admit, I was never a fantastic four reader, although i love the thing, nothing ever forced me to pick it up, and the chances of me picking this up became even slim than usual when i learned that Matt Fraction was wringing this. His Thor was an Abomination, but people really liked hawkeye, so i said what the hell, i still picked it up , and i am seriously surprised that this was something i really liked. I didn't review the previous issue due to the fact that they didn't really have much to say about them, they were passive in some ways, but this is where things get interesting.

The Art is amazing, not one of my favorite ones, but his work here is excellent! the fighting scenes are amazing, and the character design are VERY good. a favorite part of mine was things fight sequence, when he cuts loose, it is simply fantastic....i have got to stop with the puns, but The THING is, i can't simply put a BUBBLE around it....dammit.

As for the Plot, there are ups and downs to it, mostly positive things, but while this a very interesting take on the FF, i still get the feeling that the plot is moving forward. Sure i get the idea that Matt wants the FF to explore history and different parts of the universe but it feels stretched out, and we still don't know what this area in particular had anything to do with reeds research. but on a second note, matt balances history and his fantasy quite awesomely , while the story is of Caesar follows the historical path( more or less), Matt manages to introduce some new elements to the concept, which is amazing.

And the interaction between Sue and reed, and in general the FF family is really great, their conflicts and love jumps of the pages , and the experience is awesome. ( almost made the pun...almost)

But there is one thing that keeps bothering me, when ben, johnny and the kids are taken to the Arena, a huge monster thing is unleashed upon them. But some of the Alien things were kept SECRET ( you'll see what i mean when you read the issue), but since when did Rome have a huge volcanic monster things?

But Besides that, this was a pretty solid issue, it was amazing, a fun story that is centered ONLY about the FF and no one else, if you are a fan of the fantastic four, chances are you will love this.

Recommendation: pick This Up Or Fell the Wrath of my Puns!


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